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Sustainable & ESG Week: Haulotte celebrating its commitment all around the world.

Published 2023/10/09

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As a global manufacturer of aerial work platforms, Haulotte takes part in creating a more sustainable way to create, produce and sell its products. Following the development of its ESG vision few months ago, the Haulotte Group was keen to celebrate Sustainable Development Week, held from October 2 to 6. For a whole week, employees from all entities - plants, subsidiaries and head office - took part in various actions to support this shared vision.

Haulotte ESG Strategy and vision:
At Haulotte, we think that sustainability isn't just a buzzword. Our ESG Strategy is our compass, guiding us towards a more eco-friendly and responsible path.
With a clear mission : "Taking care of people", 3 main targets, and 7 priority SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), we're making positive changes every day.
Our company selected 7 SDGs, guiding out priorities and action without excluding others. While we focus on these priority goals, we remain open to addressing other SDGs as needed, making choices that align with our primary objectives.

Concrete actions in 2023 and more to come in 2024:
Haulotte's commitment to these 7 goals extends beyond rhetoric, with concrete actions taken at all levels of the company. From designing energy-efficient products to reducing waste and promoting diversity and inclusion within their workforce, Haulotte is making strides to work in a more sustainable way.
In 2023, our teams are committed to several actions in favour of more sustainable development and industry. Let's recall some of the highlights of this year:
- 2 additional subsidiaries have obtained triple ISO certification. Employees at these sites will join the growing number of staff working on certified sites. This brings the total number of employees working on certified sites to 70%.
- A notable 13-point improvement in its ecovadis score, from 46/100 in 2022 (score based on 2021 actions) to 59/100 in 2023.
- The implementation of actions in our logistics hubs to reduce packaging, shims and protections, and improve our spare parts transportation strategy.
- The ramp-up of the Restart Center by Haulotte, refurbishment center, with more than 300 refurbished machines.

The outlook for 2024 is just as exciting and dynamic, with initiatives such as a leadership program for managers, in-depth work on the recyclability of machines, new innovations for the safety of boom lift users, numerous partnerships with schools and the international roll-out of the "Climate Fresk" (A climate workshop invented by Cédric Ringenbach and widely used in France).

Employee-Driven Sustainability Initiatives

At Haulotte, sustainability is not merely a top-down directive; it's a collective effort that involves every member of the organization. Throughout the year, Haulotte's employees have actively integrated a sustainable way to do their daily job and project for the future. As part of Sustainable Development Week, employees have gone the extra mile to develop activities that showcase their commitment and share their enthusiasm with others. From workshops on zero waste to “Climate Fresk” sessions, these employee-driven initiatives aim to inspire and educate both colleagues and the broader community.
Haulotte acknowledges that its employees are the real heroes behind their success. The company places a premium on their well-being and growth, recognizing the crucial role they play in achieving their sustainability goals.

Workshops and entertainment all around the world
With operations in more than 21 countries, it was essential to offer uniform entertainment to all employees. “It's all part of the collective awareness we want to create…" says Berenger DUDEK Head of ESG Europe, adding:
“while it's obvious that we need to take actions all year round and adopt responsible behavior on a daily basis, these periods of mobilization are a real opportunity to unite. We designed a complete package to enable all managers and site directors to take ownership of the vision and then share it with their teams.”
For this purpose, the Communication Department and Berenger created interactive and gamified tools that adapted to all employees and their work configuration. All CODIR members and top management took part in a major Climate Fresk. Divided into small groups of 10 people, our in-house facilitators raised awareness of climate issues among nearly 80 managers.

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